Welcome to the Elements of Emotion Workshop!

Join Desiree de Lunae, L.Ac., as she teaches the alchemy of psychospiritual healing with Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils. Each Element carries its own Spirit. Likewise, each Essential Oil has its own Spirit with specific effects on emotions. Learn the nature of every plant, how they intertwine and influence the Spirit of an Element within you. Become intentional with how you select and apply your essential oils for profound emotional and energetic shifts.

In this workshop, we will cover:

- The 5 Spirits of the 5 Elements
- The 5 Basic Flavors
- Types of Qi Movement and their effects on Emotions
- Dui Yao Principles
- Understanding the Spirit of an Essential Oil
- Choosing the right Essential Oils for you

You will not need to bring essential oils to this workshop. It is an educational workshop, teaching principles and theories, that will give you practical tools for when you do use your essential oils. Please bring a notebook and a pen.


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