Art Of Blending Online Workshop (Recorded)

Join Desiree de Lunae and learn the Art of Blending essential oils based on intuition and Chinese Medical principles. She is an acupuncturist, herbalist and author of "I am Fabulous" and "I am Worthy."

In this recorded workshop, you will learn the poetry behind Chinese Medicine, how we look at herbs and the best ways to combine specific herbs together. The approach to blending from Eastern Medicine perspective is vastly different than Western Herbology.

These are the elements covered in the workshop to improve your blending techniques:

  • Five Element Theory
  • Organs and Emotions
  • Flavors of Essential Oils
  • Energetic Effects of the Oils
  • Proper Combinations
  • Formula Structure

You'll walk away with an entirely new way of looking at your essential oils, and feeling confident on creating your own blends.

There are no oils needed for this workshop. You will be learning principles and theories to improve your blend making in general.

You get instant (and lifetime access) to this recorded, virtual you can refer back to it whenever you want.

$99.00 USD