Move your life by moving your stuff.


Is your home a place of refuge or distress?

Our Homes are meant to be a space of nourishment, peace, and restoration.

Yet research shows that the majority of us worry our Homes aren't organized or clean enough, and for many, it's a significant cause of stress.

If you’ve ever felt irritated or burdened by the items in your Home, it’s because you are energetically entangled with each item you own. The quality of Qi that lives and circulates within your space is a direct reflection of what's going on inside of you.

Take a moment to think about how…

- A kitchen full of barely used accessories can represent your attachment to things that aren't serving you

- A closet stuffed with clothes you haven't worn in years can symbolize your reluctance to hang on to what you no longer value

-A garage stacked with boxes holding forgotten mementos can remind you of a past filled with guilt and shame

When your Home is cluttered, you are cluttered.

And that inner chaos can leave you feeling tired, overwhelmed, distressed, and unmotivated to take action.

Clearing your space could transform your life.

Clearing the clutter from your Home isn't as simple as donating the clothes in your closet or cleaning out the garage, because letting go of the old and excess means disrupting your energies.

It's a process that requires mending your past, letting go of old identities, facing shame and guilt, getting reacquainted with your values, and moving through a range of emotions that are hiding within.

All of this can understandably feel destabilizing and spark fear and anxiety.

But clearing clutter is also a path to transformation. It's a means to make amends with your past, heal your Heart, and brighten your Qi—all of which can help you step into the most vibrant version of yourself.

Are you ready to move your life?

Then let's move your stuff!

Restore health to your Heart and Home through my virtual Clear the Clutter Intensive.

Liberate and brighten your Qi, feel grounded in your space, and restore health to your Heart and Home through my virtual Clear the Clutter Intensive.

Over the course of 12 weeks, I'll show you effective strategies and essential oil applications to help you handle the emotionally delicate process of clearing the clutter from your Home so you can create a beautiful new future for yourself.

Throughout this powerful experience, you'll be joined by other like-minded women who are all making the choice to love their Homes—and themselves. Together, you'll experience guidance, support, and love that will help you heal your Spirit and live your truth.


Meet your guide: Desiree de Lunae—healer, author, and speaker

As a highly sensitive soul and empath, I’ve always had an innate, deeply-rooted desire to emotionally connect with others.

But even as a young adult, I struggled to understand my own emotions and often fell victim to them. In my early 20s, I suffered multiple manic episodes that had me swinging from one extreme mood to another. I also experienced bouts of deep depression that left me emotionally crippled and ready to give up hope.

It wasn't until I discovered the power of essential oils that my life truly began to shift.

Through experimentation and consistent application, I learned how to harmonize my Qi and manage my emotions, helping me heal my Spirit and become a better mother and more successful business owner.

This profound experience only deepened my passion for Chinese Medicine and inspired me to share my wisdom and gifts with the world.

Through this intensive, I'll introduce you to just one of the many ways that I use essential oils to help other empathetic, highly-sensitive women end their emotional suffering, reclaim their power, and discover their purpose so they can live the life they were meant to live.

Harness the power of essential oils to clear your space—inside and out.

The goal of my Clear the Clutter Intensive is to help you improve the energy frequencies and feelings within your Home—your sacred space. I'll show you how to use the power of essential oils to help you pare down to the pieces with the most high-quality, vibrant Qi.

During the intensive, you'll learn to:

- Connect intimately with each item you own, whether large or small

- Understand how every item in your possession influences your Qi, for better or worse

- Choose which items to keep, donate, sell, or toss based on whether they stagnate, leak, or circulate and strengthen your Qi

By discerning the energetic qualities of each item in your Home and committing to keeping only those that brighten your Qi, you will finally clear your space of the physical and emotional clutter weighing you down—opening yourself up to a vibrant future of possibilities.










"I love this so much. I've been craving this type of freedom and have begun the process myself. I'm determined to slim down my life and downsize my space to accurately reflect who I am… now!"

Jennifer G.

Revitalize your Qi through group instruction and community support.

My Clear the Clutter Intensive is a 13-week live, online intensive combining group instruction and the support of a loving community of like-minded women.

To give you time to move through each phase of the decluttering process, we will meet together as a group every two weeks over Zoom starting on May 2nd.

Each live Zoom call will last two hours. Bring your essential oils and follow along as we cover a different topic in each session:

Call #1: May 2nd from 9am–11am PST
Call #2: May 16th from 9am–11am PST
Call #3: May 30th from 9am–11am PST
Call #4: June 13th from 9am–11am PST
Call #5: June 27th from 9am–11am PST
Call #6: July 11th from 9am11am PST

Private community: In addition to the six live group calls, you'll also have access to a private community where you can check in with me and my team, share your experience, and get support from others who are enrolled in the intensive.

You'll have access to the call recordings and private community until Friday, August 2nd at 11:59pm CST.

Don't wait to free yourself of clutter.

Your Home should be a space that energizes you—not depletes you. Every day spent living among the chaos is another day of unnecessary suffering.

By enrolling now in my Clear the Clutter Intensive, you can put an end to your stress and feel more grounded in your space while you heal your past and step into a more vibrant future.

Join me now in clearing the clutter for as low as $299.


"If you’re on the fence, do it. It will change everything."

Barbara C.

Clear the clutter and become the best version of you!

The space you inhabit not only mirrors but also profoundly impacts what's happening within. To liberate your Qi, feel at peace in your Home, and become the truest version of who you are today, you need to make amends with who you were in the past.

Join me for the Clear the Clutter Intensive and learn to let go of the items and emotions that no longer serve you so you can make space for what fills you with joy, gratitude, and love.











"I could see clearly what I don't need, but I was doubting myself somewhat because it came so quickly to me what to get rid of… Now I have more confidence because I have words to describe it! Thank you for being you and being vulnerable!"

April G.