The practice of Affirmations require precision and proper sequencing for them to be effective. Join me on a 6-week practice of constructing, implementing and building your sense of Certainty, Conviction, Qi Flow. Each week a new affirmation incantation will be revealed and implemented.


Are you struggling to manifest your dreams?

Affirmations can be a powerful tool for transformation. When done in the right way, they have the ability to unbind your Qi and open you up to new opportunities and outcomes.

But they can also be tricky. When not practiced correctly, affirmations can cause just as much harm as healing by blocking the flow of energy and keeping you stuck in destructive patterns that prevent you from manifesting your dreams.

If you've already embarked on the practice of affirmations, you may have experienced some difficulties. Perhaps you…

- Are confused about how to sequence them properly to produce the outcomes you're looking for

- Don't quite believe in the words you're reciting, creating a blockage that's obstructing your Qi

- Feel like you're doing everything right but have yet to see the results of your practice

Whatever your particular challenge, the touchy nature of affirmations can be a frustrating thing to deal with—especially when you know just how impactful they could be.

Affirmations may be difficult to put together, but like every puzzle, there is a solution where all of the pieces fit together.

With the right principles underlying your practice, you could…

- Uncover the proper sequencing and discover a whole new world of possibilities

- Create affirmations that resonate with your greatest truth, leading to outcomes that are in alignment with who you really are

- Master your affirmations and manifest the life of your dreams

Transformation is within your reach. All you need is a guide to lead you in the right direction.

Live the life you've always dreamed of through my Affirmation Incantations Intensive

I created the 6-week virtual Affirmation Incantations Intensive to help you unravel the mystery of affirmations, harness their power, and open yourself up to new and exciting possibilities.

The goal of the intensive is to reprogram your subconscious mind and change your nature about something—whether landing your dream job, pursuing a new relationship, or finding financial freedom.

Once you understand how to practice affirmations with confidence, you will be able to unlock the best version of you and live the life you've always dreamed of.


Meet your guide: Desiree de Lunae—healer, author, and speaker

When I was young, I was surrounded by the rich herbs, wonderful smells, and warm oils of my Korean mama's kitchen medicine. I was fed potions by my mother and pricked with needles by my acupuncturist. Korean is my first language, and Chinese medicine is in my roots.

But it wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that I began practicing affirmations to enhance the quality of my life. When I first started playing around with them, I remember thinking how silly I felt. Yet the results I experienced were undeniable. I knew there must be a secret behind them!

To better understand what was happening, I started deconstructing existing affirmations to determine what did and didn’t work. Then, I took my same proven principles for constructing essential oil blends and applied them to words.

The result was the creation of a set of powerful affirmations that can liberate and harmonize your Qi, turn your doubts into hope and conviction, and reconnect you with your greatest truth.

Liberate your Qi, experience harmony, and discover new opportunities.

The Affirmation Incantations Intensive is an opportunity for you to learn how to recite affirmations properly and precisely so you can open yourself up to new energies and opportunities.

- Recite liberating and nutritive statements that help Qi unbind and move freely

- Replace doubt and shame with feelings of hope, belief, trust, and conviction

- Return to a state of harmonious Qi through energetic release Reconnect with your deepest desires and greatest truth

After completing the Intensive, you'll be amazed by the changes that occur in your life. Having harmonized your Qi and reprogrammed your subconscious mind, the new way with which you approach the world will lead to the outcomes you've always dreamed of.










"I loved learning how to use the power of Affirmation Incantations to probe the depths of the subconscious mind. I now have awareness of things that need to change in my life, but much more than that, knowing these affirmations has given me a skill that I can use for the rest of my life to help myself and others find healing on their journey."

Jenny T.

Master the power of affirmations through weekly discovery, practice, and support.

Affirmation Incantations Intensive is a 6-week virtual program designed to teach you how to use affirmations with precision so you can unlock their full potential.

Here’s the support you can expect each week of your journey:

Weekly live group Zoom calls: Beginning February 16th, you will participate in a live 90-minute group Zoom call for six consecutive Thursdays:

Call #1: February 16th from 9am–10:30am PST
Call #2: February 23rd from 9am–10:30am PST
Call #3: March 2nd from 9am–10:30am PST
Call #4: March 9th from 9am–10:30am PST
Call #5: March 16th from 9am–10:30am PST
Call #6: March 23rd from 9am10:30am PST

Convert to your time zone here.

Private community: In addition to the six group calls, you'll also have access to a private community where you can check in with me and my team and share your experience with other students.

Each call will include these elements:

We'll begin every call with an energy clearing session to set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

During the next part of the call, I'll teach you a new activation and help you construct a working Affirmation Incantation to recite daily during the upcoming week.

Each week, I'll spend some time coaching several students until the Affirmation Incantation deeply resonates with them.Each week, I'll spend some time coaching several students until the Affirmation Incantation deeply resonates with them.

To end each call, I'll hold a Q&A session to answer any questions that may come up for you during the session.

A lifetime of value for a small investment.

The Affirmation Incantations Intensive offers not just 6 weeks of guidance and support but also a lifetime of knowledge in how to construct and practice affirmations.

You'll walk away with a set of six powerful Affirmation Incantations that you can implement right away, as well as the understanding behind how to customize them to fit your needs.

Whether you'll be participating for the first time or joining us again, there is so much value to be gained from this Intensive. And while there are many ways you could spend that few hundred dollars, I assure you that investing in yourself will always be the most fulfilling.


"This intensive allows people to be honest with themselves and find their what and why—it's the foundation on getting the desires you want."

Norma M.

Harness the power of affirmations and manifest your dreams

When used correctly, affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you get out of destructive patterns, improve your decision making, and transform even the worst situation into a nourishing fertilizer that can help you grow into the best possible version of yourself.

Join me for the 6-week virtual Affirmation Incantation Intensive to learn how to harness the power of affirmations, open yourself up to new energies and opportunities, and ultimately manifest your dreams and deepest desires.











"I tapped into what I truly want and need. I would highly recommend the intensive to anyone who is open to affirmations."

Heather W.